Securities Brokerage

Modern fast safe and secure trading software system, along with professional brokerage staff trained and equipped with in-depth knowledge and good professional ethics, the Securities Brokerage Service at FNS will bring customers a lot of success in securities buying/selling transactions.

Securities Brokerage & Trading Services include:

• Open account for domestic individual/organization.

• Open account for foreign individual/organization.

• Diversity of securities trading methods:

∘ Trading at counters (FNS Headquarter & Branches).

∘ FNS@Wtrade: online trading method through FNS website.

∘ FNS@Htrade: trading through a program set up on customer’s computer

∘ FNS@Mtrade: trading through an app set up on customer’s mobile phone.

∘ Phone trading: trading through the recorded fixed phone.

• Update market information to customers with daily news, weekly news and analytical reports.

• Notification of transaction results after each session.